Thursday, 3 May 2018

The real meaning of life

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is in an US hospital and is reportedly suffering from an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer. These were his inspiring words..

Life has given me abundant political respect and it has become synonymous with my name.

However as I have noticed , except my work I rarely had any other moments of enjoyment . Only my political status has remained a reality.

Today in this bedridden state I introspect my life ...the popularity and wealth and that I thought to be milestones of life ..and the inflated ego...all of it appears to be jaded and meaningless as I stand facing the death.

With each passing second as the death creeps to me stealthily , I see the green lights of lifesaving machines around me , their humming noise makes me realize my proximity to death .

At this critical moment I have understood that there is so much more to life than accumulating wealth and fame service and managing our relationships with others whom we like are few things not to be missed .

I realize that of all the political success that I have earned , I can carry nothing with me
This bed of sickness is the most exclusive bed as nobody can use it except yourself . You can have servants , drivers , employees to serve and earn for you but none to share your sickness.

All the things that are lost can be found or earned back but what cannot be retrieved is .....time....As you run through the rat race of life pursuing success one must realise that at some point of time you have to reach the last part of drama in the theatre where end of the show is visible .

So .. learn to first look after yourself , take care of others, learn to spend your money and shower your feelings on people around you .

When a child is born he is weeping and when he dies others are weeping. So friends, Lets have all the laughter and fun time in between before we call it a day !!

Soooooooooo Moral of the article is -- Fuck the bastards and burn the evil cunts... Trample the people who lead you into depression... Dont shed tears for those who just used you and dont love you...Fuck them...Life is not to be wasted on such ppl.. Dont even think about people who betray you though they are your blood...Live your life...Live your day well.  Practice Gratitude.  Help at least one person in some noble way..  Who knows if we will see the next day or not??

I am happy that at least now he realised the real meaning of life..  May God do a Miracle and grant him health and life  so that he can live the the truest sense! 

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