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Follow Every RainbowFollow Every Rainbow by Rashmi Bansal
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Book Name : Follow Every Rainbow

Author : Rashmi Bansal

Blurb/Theme : Entrepreneurship by women is still considered as a taboo in some sections of the Indian Society. While there are numerous such hurdles for women, Follow Every Rainbow presents us with the stories of 25 women who fought their way through difficulties and achieved their dreams. Juggling family responsibilities, these 25 women entrepreneurs have proved that women though being different from men, can be equally successful.

Follow Every Rainbow is divided into three sections named Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga, each representing unique women power.

The section Lakshmi is devoted to entrepreneurs, who with the support of their family achieved success and also made it a point to not compromise family over work.

The section Durga is about women who had to fight all hindrances that came in their way and had to battle for their dreams.

The last section, Saraswati consists of the stories of educated women entrepreneurs.

I do judge a book by its cover and the cover was kinda cute.

Grammatical errors did irk my reading pace but I was always interested in women entrepreneurship, it fascinated me to read on.

Dedication to mother in law which was a real surprise.

This is inspired by the Song - Climb Every Mountain ( Sound of Music)

Life is to see the possibilities more rather than the obstacles and I do agree that family can either be a support structure or a liability but I feel it can be a mixed ratio too in some cases.

Clarity of mind and purpose goes a long way. Yes, for sure!

Some ideas which I did not agree with some women entrepreneurs were
“Don’t be just egg producing machines” – Children are a part of womanhood and that’s the pride that very few mothers get.
Be Career focused – This is good in one perspective but not at the cost of sacrificing family.
Be far ahead of men – The question is not that but the answer is - Have a life of self respect and happiness. We need not prove to any one or any man that we are superior than them. Success can be had together also, hand in hand.

Some men do let us down, they are never with us when we need them, look down upon us but I guess its their broughtup, so nothing much can be changed but there are some men who empathize and console us, pray for us and most importantly don’t nag us to do this or that.

They give us time to recuperate which is the real freedom for a woman.

I agree that Life is tough, we have to get used to it. The moment we breathe that all is well, suddenly something shatters and that feel to just hang on, the feel that this too will pass , the thought that there is light at the end of the tunnel, does motivate me in the long way but without people believing in us and in our skills, its difficult.

All the stories mentioned did have a small idea which was eventually evolved, then they faced a lot of hurdles and labels by people and ultimately it culminated in them being labeled as Women Entrepreneur. This book is motivational but not all stories are same because everyone has a different story to tell.. So which is your story in these? Read it to find out.

I would rate this book as 4/5

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