Friday, 27 April 2018

Golden Lotus Tank

This tank is located next to Mudali Pillai Mandapam on the eastern corridor of Meenakshi Shrine in Madurai. It is 165 feet in length and 120 feet in breadth.

Now the entry is prohibited to protect the tank.  Actually, it was a water conserving structure and used to have water throughout the year.

The thing that excited me most was when I came to know that no fish breeds here!!!

The legendary story goes like this -

A stork lived in the place south of Vaigai. On hearing the recitation of Tiruvalavai Manmiyam by ascetics, it desired to worship Lord Sundareswara. It flew down to Madurai, bathed in the Golden Lotus Tank and worshipped Lord Siva for 15 days.  Whenever it had a desire to eat the fish in the tank, it restrained itself saying it would be a sin. Lord Sundareshwara appeared before the bird and granted it salvation.  He also granted its wish that no fish should breed in the pond so that no other bird could nurture a wish to eat the fish of Golden Lotus Tank.

Isn't it Amazing!! 

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