Friday, 2 March 2018

What are you reading?

This question I always ask my friends. So I loved the title and the book cover.

 The story was very touching and I did shed tears many times. This book teaches us not to overthink about things just because we feel it to be so. I loved the narration of the struggle as an author and most importantly, how he acknowledges his shortcomings, works on improving it and is open to the critics too.

One of my dear friend who is an author is also of similar nature. So I could relate that too. 
Nagarajan's character is a rarity-selfless, working backstage, aiming to refine the protagonist's writings, most importantly having a vision for the protagonist and paving the way without the slightest intention of any personal gain. If people like him exist then I think the world will be a better place for people to live rather than exist!

I loved the ending.

Most loved lines are.." you should read for the sake of reading. If you read just so that you can become a better writer you will not enjoy both". I found a lot of depth in this line as it draws a very thin but significant line between making writing as a job and making writing as a passion.

I have brought the books Water boarding and 300 days ( kindle editions) because I loved this story and the way author has written..

I wish the author success in all further authorship works.

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