Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Time has Come!!

My life is at a path now where with faith and hope I am moving on.. Closer to my destination than yesterday.

I lost a part of my soul yesterday and I am not able to find it but I think the time has come.

This is the time to say enough is enough!!

Enough of false hope  
                          I am Soaking in reality now

Enough of backbiting and hypocrisy    
                         I am Used to saying - live and let live

Enough of dramatized alluded fame     
                        I can say yes to No

Enough of stressors and psychopaths       
                       I want to live a Simple life

Enough of wolf-in-sheep kind of masked people     
                       I am Hopeful for a better friendship

Enough of all idiotic weeds in my life         
                      I have my own Identity

Enough of all evil manipulations and selling of the soul to be a slave         
          I am just a Nomad here.  After all, this is not my home

Enough is Enough   -  I am what I am and that's Enough

Yes, SUNSHINE in life is all that matters.    That's what life is worth living for.

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