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The Beastly Covenant: A Tale of Monstrous ProportionThe Beastly Covenant: A Tale of Monstrous Proportion by J. L. Silvermist
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book name : The Beastly Covenant: A Tale of Monstrous Proportion

Author : J L Silvermist

Blurb/Theme :
The Priestess
Orphaned at a young age, Kira was taken to the Temple of Water & Light in the Kingdom of Pisces and placed under the tender care of the Head Priestess. After being falsely accused of her mentor's death, Kira was exiled torn from all she knows, she carries a forbidden secret which only the Head Priestess should know. She holds the keys that would save her village from the war threatening her home from the East. Quietly, Kira ventures to Dragon's Cave to offer herself as a sacrifice to a dangerous warrior - a beast - in order to save her beloved home.

The Beast
Tobias, Dragon King of a dying race, finds himself thrust into a foreign world and its troubles. Those of his kind before him who came to Valeria were never heard from again. He wants nothing more than to return to the comfortable peace of his world and his own people. As he is about to make the journey home, his warrior's spirit stops him. The maiden, Kira, that summoned him lies unconscious and in harm's way. If he does not help her, she will die.

The story is a beautiful woven plot between how two people who have an aim in their life, meet each other and become soulmates for life.

I loved the name Aislin and the meaning that the name carried and eventually justified it.

The mission-oriented characters Kira and Tobias are powerfully presented. Nobody likes war and these characters stopped the war. This was the concept that stood out in the entire story.

The lovemaking between Kira and Tobias is awesomely described.

The uniting with the family ( with her father) was much of a surprise element.

I enjoyed reading this short story and I wish J L Silvermist all the best for future authorship works.

My rating is
Story plot:5/5

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  1. Thank you Sarah, for not only your wonderful review of my book but also the encouragement I receive from your review. I am so glad you enjoyed it! More books come soon ;)

  2. Thank you Joann for your comments. They mean a lot. Sure, awaiting your books soon :-)


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