Monday, 19 March 2018

Forgiveness/Marishka... Its your choice. Its your calling!!

We had a discussion as to what is repentance and what does God want us to do when we are treading in a thorny path, what should we do when people ridicule us even when we had done only good for them!!

Listen to the song first before reading the article further...

Repentance means a change of mind, heart and vision. It is a call to look at everything anew. It is a call to bid adios to the negativity behind and take on the positivity  of God’s newness& hope- with a fresh perspective, fresh thinking and a fresh fragrance.  Hang on to His promises!!

The Monday in the First Week of Lent with the call to act rightly because that is how each of us will be judged , that’s what sets the tone for the meaning of repentance. This means that the action that one performs must always be an action motivated by love.  Some people will reject our love, call us insane without introspecting themselves, crush our hearts and feelings under their feet.  Love them anyway, its our God-given nature .  Did not God love us when we rejected His calling and love ???

The Second Week of Lent begins with the invitation to imitate God who is compassionate. Indifference to and ignorance of the needs of others is also rejection of them and will lead to condemnation, just as selfishness shown in wanting to keep all the fruits of the vineyard and not give God and others their due. People will be selfish, proud, filled with  hypocrisy, still God wants us to be compassionate and to do what He did coz we are made in His image and did not God love us when we were not lovable at all ?????

In the Third Week of Lent the teachings of Jesus focus on forgiveness not seven times but as often as is needed.  When we say we are grateful to people, they call this bullshit, ridicule us, insult us, they will even go on to say - no one can live with us.. Hurting us so much that we feel we can end our life once and for all but I know this may sound insane under such grave circumstances but forgiveness is the key to cure this Marishka ( sea of bitterness). I said forgiveness (it does not include to forget the lessons we learnt by the way!!). It was way Jesus fulfills the law and invites his disciples to do the same. Did not God forgive our uncountable& grave sins???

In the Fourth and Fifth Weeks, the Gospel readings are all from John and bring out various aspects of the personality of Jesus. Jesus is the one who heals and makes whole, he is one who reaches out to Samaritans and outcasts, who condemns no one including those who condemn others.  Read this again.. Re-read this.  For this is how the world is now, is it not???.. Always condemning us as if they are perfect, without sin, as if they are a saint.

Its okay.. Give them back a feel that they will say one day—"You are the best!! No one can be as you.  I love you for who you are and how you are!"πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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