Friday, 2 March 2018

Defined (Price MacCann Assassin Series Book 1)Defined by Mary Ellen Quire
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Book Title: Defined (Price MacCann Assassin Series Book 1)

Author: Mary Ellen Quire

Blurb: Price MacCann grew up in a family of vigilantes. Trained as an assassin, her kill rate was matched only by the Reaper himself until she witnesses a death which hits too close to home. After a year of trying to put it all behind her and live a nine to five life, she soon finds it may be more difficult than she realized. With her family pushing her to return to the fold, a tall, dark and handsome stranger coming to town and a series of mysterious notes demanding her expertise, Price is faced with the decision to define normal for herself

The book cover was hot. I loved it. The title justifies the story completely.
Though life gives a direct threat to her, yet the protagonist is strong in spirit and is able to clear out her path pretty easily. I feel this can be written as a sequel or maybe even made into an awesome thriller movie. The language was simple and the flow of events was easily understandable keeping the suspense of the next scene throughout. I kind off paused in between to relate to the events.

I enjoyed reading it. I want to read the next series for sure.

My rating is
Story plot:5/5

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