Friday, 23 March 2018


Who cares what they think about me??

Who cares about what they say??

When people crucified Jesus though He did so much miracles and healing for ppl, I am just a mere mortal!

Sometimes with some harsh words, people need to be taken out from their comfort zone. The anger and the hate we give them makes them a ball of fire, filled with hatred, vengeance and an unquenchable thirst to prove that they are the best.  Its what most birds do.. push their baby birds so that they can fly independently at the correct time and that's what I did too.. They have to be independent now.  ..though it hurt me a lot but its good for them, for their future.  Even if I die now, I am happy. I have fulfilled all my promises and responsibilities towards them. I was with them in all their darkest moments and made them see the light, feels nostalgic~!

They think they can hurt me with words and with insults.. Let them think so but this moulded them as better achievers, a better person and they became somebody today. .. They have an identity today after many years of me knowing them.. So I am happy for them!

But for me...

Every word said by me was true, everything done for them was a risk but I did it..I proved them always that Love is not what you say but Love is what you conditions of 'even if', ' but' and 'although'

Its absolutely okay that they feel I have two sides and do not trust me. One day they will realize...soon .. Let them stay blessed and stay at peace without me.. :-)

Dedicating this song..

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  1. So true...Love, like faith, is proved by works or actions


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