Saturday, 10 March 2018

A simple but effective wish!!

Of late, there has been intereference of many moronic people in my life who will justify their actions and say all sort of nonsense just because we ( "I" ) didnt follow their opinions.  The way they make me want to believe certain shitty things is commendable. Yea, age wise they are much elder but mentally still filled with ego and dominating spirit, but as usual, I just go on with my intuition and willpower and as usual I accomplished what I wanted.  Yea, I am a Leo :-P  a stubborn Leo!

Anyways, I stumbled upon the book Discover your destiny - Robin Sharma.  Yea the same author who is the author of 15 best selling books and has sold 15 million copies in nearly 75 languages!!

Seeing the 4 page reviews filled me with awe- that too the reviews were from people like Paulo Coelho, Mark Victor Hansen, Elaine St. James !!

Wow.. so after a feeling that I have picked an awesome book, I started reading and the dedication page was astounding..

It says and I quote

" This book is dedicated to fellow seekers, those brave souls who exercise the courage to leave the crowd and find their way home to a place called authenticity.

May your resolve to awaken and live in true power be indomitable.

May the lessons you are due to learn arrive in gentle ways.

May your dark nights of the soul be few and far between.

And may you shine so brightly that, at the end of your days, all will pause and say, " Ah, there was one who lived life fully and completely"

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