Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Reshape Brain!

Neuroplasticity is basically the brain’s ability to reshape itself through life. We can improve our memory even as we age — here’s how.

Be An Avid Reader

When you spend your entire workday on a computer it’s hard to sit down and read a book — especially when the movie’s available on Netflix, right? Neuroscientists have discovered that reading can actually improve your brain on many levels. Research from Emory University found that being absorbed in a good book improves connectivity in the brain and brain function. In fact, reading, let’s say, a good piece of fiction not only strengthen memory but also learning, speech and the interpretation of sensations.

So, spend some time daily maybe around 30 minutes to read a book, a hard copy, not kindle version ( πŸ˜› again it means you spend time with technology from which you need a break actually!! hope I am right??)

yea, yea, I can hear all bookworms say wow - now !!

Regular Exercise In Anyway πŸ˜›

Studies show that exercise can help reduce the risk of developing memory problems. Research published in the journal Neurology, concluded that performing aerobic exercises — even walking — just three times per week may help preserve memory function in older people with existing cognitive impairment.

So those women who can’t go out for any reason, here is a link – I do it everyday and I must say I got a compliment for being toned, apart from it being an awesome way to release your stress!!

Eat less saturated fats

Study participants who ate high amounts of saturated fats seemed to perform worse on tests of thinking and memory than those who ate less (but similar) fats. Food high in saturated fatty acid was linked to poor verbal memory. On the other hand, good monounsaturated fat improved verbal memory. So, when it comes to fat choose healthy fats like walnuts and avocados that help fight inflammation in the body and brain.  So don’t indulge in gluttony!  Go and do the homework yourself on what food falls into the above categories!!

Avoid Sugar

Too much sugar is not only bad for your waistline but also for your memory. Research from the University of California found that a diet high in fructose damages memory and learning. The animal study, published in the Journal of Physiology, looked at how high-fructose syrup in soft drinks and processed foods affect brains. Rats, fed a steady intake of concentrated fructose for six weeks, were tested to see if they could find their way out of a maze. The sugar-high rodents’ cognitive abilities declined significantly, and they seemed to struggle to remember their way out of the maze. Additionally, they were generally slower, and their brain cells dropped when signaling each other.

Stimulate your brain

The bottom line, any mentally stimulating activity is good for the brain. So, get off the couch, stop binge-watching TV or Internet and try some “mental gymnastics.” Read, take courses, try math problems or test your IQ online.  Solve Sudoku - daily just three exercises. It helps a lot.  Start a hobby and begin experimenting with things that require both manual dexterity and memory, like painting, pottery, photography, weaving— basically anything that interests you.

Improve your memory and get your shapeless brain reshaped!!

Most importantly, live the life you love and love the life you live, laugh often, forgive others and help others in need even if they are selfish or shrewd, dont do drugs or alcohol in any form, sleep for 8 hours, dont take the whole world's burdens on your shoulders, let them handle it.. 


  1. This was a very informative read... thank you for sharing.


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