Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Book Review- Genome Valley- One of a kind!!

Book name : Genome Valley

Author : SK

It's 2920 A.D. The world hasn't still recovered from the devastation of the Great War, which was fought 400 years ago, killing billions of innocent people. 

The South-Asian Union comprised of ancient India and China are ruled by the "Brotherhood" - a patriarchal society formed by veterans of the Great War. 

In a society that considers women to be the fragile and weaker sex, Ruthra - a volatile combination of fire and beauty and her sisters are literally outcasts who look out for each other.

She has managed to kidnap Tommy Yeung - a corrupt and devious cop who has a dirty secret.

Who is Ruthra? What is she upto? Will she succeed? Can she be catalyst for a revolutionary change in a world that undermines women? 

I do judge a book by its cover and the cover is wonderful with a Y resembling the emphasis for the Y- chromosome. The title – Genome Valley is just perfect.

Writing is a social act and this story has justified it in all terms.

The themes that I could see highlighted are -

Gender bias- The training in martial arts explained in the story gives a strong social message to train girls as well.

Save girl child – The thriller tells us the importance of this concept.

Girl power – Girl power always rules. Women have a knack of multitasking. Combined with intuitive power and determination, girls can stand up and fight against any injustice and the term ‘weaker sex’ used to denote females should be abolished.

Also there is a surprise element which I would not like to reveal. Read it to be surprised yourself. I am sure you will love it and re-read this book many times.

I loved the ending of the story – the root of the evil should be uprooted as if we keep on cleaning the weeds, they do tend to regrow. The brave warrior reminded me of Wonder Woman.

The monk character clearly depicts that there are men who are really respecting women and caring for them. Also what I loved most was EQ is more important than IQ and this concept is beautifully presented in this short read.

With a pricing of Rs 49/ $0.70 it has so many powerful social messages that I feel it is our moral duty to circulate this book for read and re-reads and especially boost the morale of girl child. Let the world awaken through this author’s writings. 

I wish the author all the very best for future endeavors.

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