Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Sound of Rain Needs No Translation..

By the way  - Jalwa means Charisma .. This song I always sing and hear it over and over again and again when life shows me a man filled with their bloody ego and hypocrisy.  At the end of the cycles of hearing the song, I just smile.

How many of us have found ourselves in the middle of life’s storms and were unsure of how to make it through? How many of us really think we have to really live?  How many of us have been demotivated at every stage? How many of us are hit really hard whenever we try to stand and prove ourselves?  How many of us face catastrophes in life at just the same time when we would have just taken a deep breath saying.. life is okay now?

How many of us have stared into muddy rivers, looking to find our reflection, only to see a distorted version of ourselves? How many of us have allowed ourselves to be taken by a person’s inconsistency and lost our way in how we allow ourselves to be treated? How many of us have felt that people’s opinions matter more than our opinion about ourselves?

Often times, life happens and the invitation may be that we just observe.   Yep, just observe and analyse it like a mind map.  Sort of a mock test before the actual test.  Sort of a rehearsal before the final take!!

Observe the storm in the life and the power it holds. Observe the muddy river and the distorted reflection. Observe the inconsistency of others and the agony they create for themselves.  Observe the greed for fame and the lust they have for success in a selfish way. Observe and laugh loudly at the way their mind is under control by their selfish thoughts!! Pathetic slaves of money and fame!!

In observing, we allow things or events to work itself out and give it the opportunity to show us that it knows our heart and emotions. In observing, we do not react by impulse, but trust the process of life.

In observing, we choose how to react to the arrows coming towards us, whether to evade them or whether to counter shoot them or whether to show and use our real power and break the bow itself πŸ˜‹

Observing makes us appreciate the calm after the storm, our reflection in settled waters and I understood once again what Alan Watts meant by muddy waters are best cleared when left alone

The sound of rain needs no translation… It’s the same… You got this!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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