Saturday, 6 January 2018

Payback Time!!

It was awesome payback time today !

How their faces were, how their sweat made them sweat more (I wonder if they have craniofacial hyperhidrosis😍), how their blood boiled coz they didnt expect the lioness to roar!

Yea, sometimes karma fucks really bad without you expecting it to..but today the timing was just perfect.  By mistake they gave a knock at the lioness den !  Their bad luck was really bad today.

You cant escape after doing wrong, can you??. No way will God leave you if you keep on hurting a soul that bothers no one and consoles itself all the time.

The sighs and the tears collected in the bottles for over two decades today exploded and the soul bled heavily but it knew - today was the end for a new beginning.. There is a time to say enough is enough...  It was a  Judgment Day for The Hypocrites !

The slytherins' mouth that always used to spit Vesham Vesham (venom) as a sarcasm for my angina had no words to say today.. Ahem!!

The scores settled once and for all and how beautiful that thought was to me.. indescribable bliss.. unfathomable peace, unbelievable radiance, Wow.!

Just only 1 wench remains alive.. wait, I am coming for you Ms Sophia E ...Oops!!  ( THE ideal couple in our church) and believe me its gonna be real fireworks when we meet for a chat!!

The amazing remix of a very old song is getting in my head to celebrate the day with a 😎diary milk and a glass of carrot juice in hand 🍹

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