Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happiness Simplified: Free Version: Why are we so unhappy? Happiness is a serious problemHappiness Simplified: Free Version: Why are we so unhappy? Happiness is a serious problem by German Muhlenberg
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I loved the book cover.. yea I like ice creams !

Loved the introduction. I agree expectations are silent foxes which kill our peace of mind but I think that's what makes us more humane too and it motivates the other person to come up to it, if they too feel the same for us.

For me happiness is holding hands together and going for a walk, smell of raindrops on sand, smell of burning wood in viragu aduppu ( yea! thats Tamil word meaning stove used to burn firewood in olden days )

The fear of losing someone we love is human but it need not be moulded into a desperate move to make them stay in our life, coz that's perversion and perversion can never give us happiness.

Setting achievable goals, developing courage, being thankful, being positive, building a wider perspective - all these are beautifully dealt in this book.

I do agree happiness is genetic 50% but sure we can work it out, if we want to, in a better way by improving our charisma.

Relationships/social connections need not be many but a chosen few which motivate us and where we can be ourselves- I totally agree with this.

Loved this quote - "I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me" but I am still pondering whether there are many like-minded people like this in today's selfish world.

Very simple, must read book. Loved each aspect of it!!

It was worth my investment in time.


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