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Gallstones: Alternatives and TruthsGallstones: Alternatives and Truths by Olwen Griffin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book name : Gallstones: Alternatives and Truths

Author : Olwen Griffin

Blurb/Theme :
Alternatives and Truths is a book of exceptional, invaluable information that is both helpful and inter-active with its readers. It is an exceptionally well-researched and fascinating read, centering on the treatment and prevention of gallstones, NAFLD, liver and gallbladder problems.

I do judge a book by its cover and the cover is beautiful justifying the title.

My mom had undergone cholecystectomy two years ago and the agony she went through was simply very traumatic. After a physical and emotional rehabilitation, she is okay now. On reading this awesome book, I just wished if I had got it before, I could have averted it!

I loved chapter 5- Stress- It is a fact that stress kills and the most liked chapters were 6 and 7 which have key aspects from nutrition part.

The dirty dozens are a must read for awareness as I am sure there are many people who need to be educated in the real sense.

GMO has always been a controversial issue and as I am M. Phil in Biotechnology, I am aware of its risks in health sector. The videos and the links towards the end of the book clearly implicate the hard work that the author has put in giving the correct information to people and also her determination to prevent and cure the condition.

I loved the dedication part and I really appreciate the way the author has showed the gratitude to her family and friends who helped her in writing this book.

I enjoyed reading this book and I wish Olwen all the best for her success.

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Story plot:5/5

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  1. Hi Sarah, thank you for your 5* review and best wishes. One ‘Big Book’ isn’t it!

    Gallstones Alternatives and Truths, has taken a lot of hard work and almost five years to complete, I am glad you appreciate the work that has gone in to it and that you learnt from it.

    Too many, like your mum experience too many symptoms/ agony/ pain /Bile Acid Malabsorption (BAM) and illness, after this operation. I pray she stays well.

    Sarah, Yes- several people have stated ‘I wish I knew this information earlier/ before my sister/ daughter/ mom... had the op’. I hope honest reviews /the information / people and the interactive links, within Gallstones Alternatives and Truths, helps many and that more actually read it

    Sarah, I’m glad you like the cover
    I decided on the colours – ‘Green’ as it represents healing and ‘Blue’ as it represents truth, ‘Bubbles of light’, represent inspiration and hope and of course the healing Reiki symbol; ‘The Cho Ku Rei’. Sarah, many have blessed the front cover, I hope you bestowed your blessings too. 

    When I began my book, I was ridiculed for my suggestion that the liver was the initial cause – not the gallbladder. And, that glyphosate was damaging the liver and High Fructose Corn Syrup - being the reason so many children are developing a fatty liver.
    Last January, I was delighted when Dr Michael Antonio (Kings Cross College London) reported his findings confirming Glyphosate at levels lower than currently in our tap water – Does, damage the liver and subsequently bile flow and production, causing nutrition deficiencies and illness.
    Love and Light to you and your family

  2. Wow!! Thanks a lot Olwen for leaving a note of appreciation in my personal blog. Your book was a very eye-opening, practical read-up packed with information.

    I wished I could get this book before, I could have saved my mom from Cholecystectomy.. Anyways.. what has to happen will happen.

    Thank you so much for your appreciation. Your book cover is awesome with stunning creativity by you, a reflection of your soul!! :-)


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