Thursday, 18 January 2018

Flashlight-type People.

Those of us who are long-in-the-tooth in the publishing world get all those feelings, thoughts and experiences – Am I gonna make it?  Is it really worth all the efforts that people are taking for my sake?  Will it really be an achievement? ..Thinking of these, one feels butterflies in stomach!

One thing we all know, is that YOU are not alone. Ever. There are gazillions of authors and authors-to-be who go through those same moments.

What you need are individuals who “get it” that is they have an inkling of what is going on in the publishing business, but rarely individuals will encompass all the ingredients as a single person, so you may likely build a team for yourself.

Here are my nine types of people who can make the difference between success and failure in your publishing endeavors:

1.          You want someone who has got an inkling of what is going on in the publishing business. We all know publishing is in a combo evolution and revolution, adaptation and recreation but we need to know someone who is actually “in” the field.

2.         You want someone who gets your Vision for your book and where you want to go with it. She or he gets it; gets you; and becomes your cheerleader. The passion you have and amount of time, energy and money you invest in your commitment to your book project is understood and supported.

 3.        You want someone who is connected with others and opens doors. Yes you do—someone with a phone call, text, or email request can get you to a source—someone who knows someone else that can smooth your way or offer assistance.

 4.        You want someone who has a kaleidoscope of business experience. Absolutely!

 5.        You want someone who loves brainstorming and off-the-wall ideas.

 6.        You want some who gets social media marketing. But there’s a catch, this person has to be able to articulate knowledge/concept/game plan in your mother tongue what he or she is saying and you understand it.

7.         You want someone who has a sense of humor. Not only can authoring and publishing be lonely at times as you tunnel yourself into the completing of your book—there are lurking traps along the way. Being tainted with humor sense can be a good thing.

8.         You want someone who will say it as it is and not side-step any elephant in the room, including you. Let’s face it; we all get stubborn at times; quite myopic in the author paths we get into our head. You need a reality checker. So, you need someone who with due respect and with all humility has the guts to tell you your positives and negatives to mould your story/writing in a better way.

 9.        You want a “Go-Go-Go” person who gets you into action. No butt-sitting allowed or procrastination allowed.

As you start to build this team of individuals, take little steps. You may instantly know who will fill several of the slots I suggest. You may have other categories based on your genre that need to be added. Some, you will interact with one-on-one via phone, in person, or an online platform. Some, you might gather over Zoom, Go-to- Meeting, Skype or other online video mediums. And some may be let’s get together for breakfast or lunch.

This is a time I will say to you, just do it …Go for it.  It’s the right time. It’s a beautiful New Year 2018 for you and your publishing.

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