Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Book name : Passioned Living

Author : Sandarsh SD

Blurb/Theme :
The story of a sole journey of a career-deprived guy with an urge to be a writer. His failure in graduation set him out in search of a life. An unknown girl's arrival into his journey dramatically boosts his life choices with her views and strong support for his writings. He ultimately finds a life with her thereafter.

 I do judge a book by its cover and the cover is apt as waves gliding over the other wave did make Sanjay see the passion needed to glide on with his passion. The title is good.

There is nothing new to read.  The plot could have been made stronger.

The blurb could have had the sentence end  like –  His passioned living of being a writer blended ultimately with Priya completing the journey towards the destination of life with Sanjay.

I agree that people motivate us towards passioned living and it flips the individual’s life completely.
Midnight in Paris is indeed a good movie, I like it too.

Loved the sentence- Loner by birth became a lonelier by choice.

I don’t accept the thought that “ being an introvert is a curse for life.”

Also I don’t understand how despite being irritated by someone, we can love their company- seems hypocritical to me.

Grammar errors like – I was in joy,  They both had food ( food here could have been substituted to a  better word/words)

Major spelling errors like Ahmadabad ( instead of Ahmedabad), dairy ( instead of diary) could have been avoided had it been edited by a good editor.


My rating is
Story plot:3/5

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