Friday, 5 January 2018

An iota that makes a large difference..

The stereotypes that often come with leading a single life are generally categorized into one group: loneliness. It is so often assumed that those who have not yet found that special person who makes the world a little brighter are experiencing those god-awful waves of loneliness. In reality, there is a remarkable difference between being lonely and being alone.

Being lonely is that kind of aching that resonates in your chest. That dull, constant feeling that follows you around all day long. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or whom you’re with, it’s impossible to shake that feeling.  Typically, these feelings are most prominent after recently losing that person who made your world a little brighter.

Being lonely comes with so many side effects: memories, insomnia, and confusion. Loneliness encapsulates the best parts of your life and forces you to notice their profound absence. Loneliness makes you wonder why—why you? Why can’t you catch a break, why haven’t you had a simple stroke of luck?

 Loneliness is that prominent, gaping hole in your life that just can’t seem to be filled regardless of what you do. Loneliness is the 3am&3pm thoughts that haunt your dreams& smile. Loneliness is that song on the radio that you have to turn off the second it comes on.

But being alone is a different situation completely.
Being alone is a state of being; loneliness is a state of mind.
When you’re alone you’re forced to realize all the things you don’t have, sure, but you’re also forced to realize all the things about yourself that you couldn’t when you spent your days memorizing someone else.
Being alone is taking the time to really think about what you want from someone the next time around, because you are going to do everything in your power that you never suffer from that lonely disease again. Being alone is sitting under a tree for an afternoon and reading a book, and enjoying every single minute of it. Being alone is doing things by yourself, but also doing them for yourself.
Of course, there are those times when being alone crosses paths with being lonely. It’s those times that you’re shopping for a new dress by yourself and you can’t help but notice that couple on the corner of the street. Their happiness radiates, and you remember the days when that used to be you.
For a brief moment that dull feeling aches in your chest, but it doesn’t stay, coz we know our reality in life and we accept it as it is!
Being alone can be the most empowering experience of your life. If you let the loneliness consume you, you’re going to lose that rare chance to figure yourself out. You can always find company in yourself. Loneliness is going to try to force you to find that company with another person. Everyone has a place in the world, though, and  yours shouldn’t be inside someone else.
  • Alone describes a state of isolation or solitude when one is outside the company of others.
  • Lonely describes a feeling of sadness or abandonment

I’ve learned to accept that loneliness is just something that happens though, like jury duty or floods. Whatever the trigger, or catalyst, it can’t be avoided. The most relatable oxymoron of all time: We all feel alone.

 I don’t treat loneliness lightly, though.  If you feel lonely, but you feel that it will pass or diminish over time, then that seems like a healthy attitude to me.  However, if you are living under a dark cloud that never seems to go away, that probably needs help from the outside, whatever that looks like to you!!

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