Monday, 11 December 2017

The year of 2017..

πŸ’– Hearing this song on I blog this πŸ’–

As of now, the month of December is the last page in the year 2017.

A month to look back on how this year 2017 was  - what I found, what I lost, what is stagnant, what is reviving, what are my priorities, what should have been my priorities, how did I do justice for my passion in work and in philanthropy.  so on..

Sitting awake when the world sleeps, makes me ponder on many things.

Its kind off a dream that I am seeing now, unwinding myself, and letting go all the past and smiling with all the good things that all unwinds slowly now..

Its like a movie I am seeing the following and I am reacting to it too...kinda weird.. :-P

** I saw some people in our Church in my thoughts who point fingers to, accuse me always with false accusations as if they are going to go to heaven and sit in Seat#1, 2 etc..  I just showed them my middle finger and walk it off!

**I saw myself being taken for granted ...I just smile and shake my head and say its over in all ways, its good in one way and move further..

** Walking further I see the person who ruined my dreams of owning a Unit.. I just say - God says - Vengeance is mine! so you better be ready for it.

** Further I see some hypocritical cunts and slut slayers who are just cold corpses!

** Walking on, I see my dad who suffered a lot, I see myself suffer and writhe with a painful skin wound.. I just sigh and say its over!

** I see the book that I printed for my grandpa and it made me so much contented in life. .. I smile.

** Moving further I visualise myself how I got my first professional photoshoot for an upcoming Advt in Mumbai.  I looked lovely in that..:-P.. I think why did I not do this before in my life ? :-P

** My achievements in first step of authorship was appreciated and awarded the Best Read on the following articles that I and my close influential buddy of 20 years, contributed to our College Magazine in May 2017... I feel this was what my purpose in life is.  Feels great to be appreciated..

1.  Women empowerment.

2.  Women Love Only Successful Men - Is it a Myth or a Reality?

3.  How to say Yes to No with dignity.

** Life is a journey, it is a rollercoaster ride , with its ups and downs. It is sweet sumtimes spicy sumtimes bitter and sumtimes sour but one thing is for sure, it goes on and on and on!

I see the smiles and the laughs that I had with the people whom I love and I like and who love and like me back without any need for me to help anyone, no need to spend anything on them, no need to praise them always, no need to discern their selfish ways coz they are never manipulative, no need to explain myself - I can just be myself with them around.

Some more aspects that made me smile, give me a hope to live -

** Got two baby rabbits, started organic gardening.

** In 2017 I realised that people never change (though they claim to) but our life changes, our attitude change, our aims go higher, brighter days are ahead when we push some negative vibed people who are so much demanding, re-affirmed that we should fly only with our wings.  I also understood that its our life with our rules and whatever it takes, we have the right to be happy and lead a quiet life by filtering all great dramatists from our zone.

Moving on to New Year 2018 with the mindset of  - Breakaway !!

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