Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Switching Career to Passion !

As a kid, when my relatives used to ask me, what do you want to be when you grow up, my answer was a cardiologist doctor.  During college days, when I used to get offers to become a newsreader for television, then my parents used to say - why don't you think about it!  My passion was collecting coins. I still have my own great collection of them, though I could not do full justice in becoming a numismatic.  Then, I wanted to become a singer, an author and since I am an avid lover of books, wanted to own a library.  I wanted to have a different library which had trees, birds chirping, streams of river flowing, blue sky. ( yea. I think different always  πŸ˜‹).

Today, I am none of these.  I still like reading books gazing the sky and sitting in my terrace, near my papaya tree where I can see birds flying together and hear the lark sing but my priorities have changed.

For the times that I know, it was mandatory that you pick safe careers - Medicine, Law, Engineering, Research. The  trend is now changing for good.  Now you have a choice to reject the safe careers and follow your passion.  So, now the question is what will people say if we reject The Stereotype pathway and choose The Passion-Contentment pathway?  The answer is who cares what they think??

I feel some people have passions, most people don't, they kinda like their mechanical life or may be their priorities are wired for steady income and savings which involves sacrificing their passions.

For people who are passionate about something and are considering switching careers, I would say do your homework well, analyse your understanding of the commitments involved ( money,  time, effort, people) that you need to make, envisage it very clearly, have a foresight on the impact it will create for the significant others in your life, then when done - dive in and become a Passionpreneur !!

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