Tuesday, 13 March 2018


When someone reminded me of how many scars I have, I smiled, sighed, in fact had mixed feelings  but I pondered on the word "scars" and how it made my life from bitter to better.

Scars are tattoos with better stories.

They remind us of where we have been . They are the ones which welded the structure of my character.

Scars have stayed longer with me than my own so called "people".  Yea, some scars are there for almost two decades.

The scars are my insecurities which I fought, they are my deepest fears, they are the insults I have received . They are a part of me and what I have become, become cold to the people and frozen to their sarcasms.

The scars remind me of my real past and give me strength that I endured it and made it through.

I got so many scars that look probably ugly but I got a soul nobody can kill!

I feel everyone has scars, they just don't wear them on the outside but I am not worried about my scars, neither I am bothered to think if it makes me ugly or not.  It is who I am!  It is I.!

I guess anyone can fall in love with our smile, wanna know if there is someone who can fall in love with our scars!!

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