Monday, 16 October 2017

The Teardrop!

Gazing at the sky, moving on.. far away from escaping shadows of yesterday, I ask myself

The path I’ m on might hurt and scathe but I wonder is it really what I wanted?

The sound of your quarreling voice reverberates through the church bells yelling me for almost a decade I was always wrong but was I really wrong?

How beautiful and lively I was and how much scarred and lonely you left me, but is it really worth thinking for?

While you weren't here, I realised what didn't kill me, would only make me strong.

So that's where I am now, inferring to kill all the demons, wishing  through tears that things could be different, that I could go back to a "before" where you never even existed long!

Just when I think this way...  suddenly

The ray of sunshine makes me feel loved, gives me a sparkle

The recent meets always rewind in my mind and dominates my bloodstream and keeps me enchanted.

The sunshine's sight immediately brings on my face a happiness gleam.

The words encourage, the touch works magic to the bleeding heart like a balm.

People say true love has got the power to conquer all the inhibitions, hmm...may be or may be not!

People say  true love finds you, hmm...may be or may be not!

People say clouds of love in my stressed life will for sure once again rain!  hmm...


All I want to say is, I am not ready, not ready for any companionship, after all … they are also Humans and not Angels!

They will also hurt me and my heart will again bleed badly. 


All I want is…to live my life .… lonely forever!

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