Monday, 19 March 2018

I am who I am.. Thats it!!

My Mind Ponders

why did it happen?

My Mind Reasons

May be it was because..

My mind Suggests

Your piousness does not define the vision you claim to see. You envisage to live in colour but your life is just shades of grey

My Mind Analyses

The words spoken, the actions done bear no synchronization

My Mind Affirms

Dont push me too far.  I am sick of your empty elegant words

My Mind Speculates

I dont hate you.  I just wish you find a person just like you

My Mind Reminisces

I was a little innocent soul, wished to be imprinted with happiness and joy..but the soul was trampled, broken, bled again and again by hypocritic people like you!

My Mind Concludes

I am may be everything they thought I am.

I am may be someone you never thought I am !

Its my will. Its my way.  Let me be me.  Let me be free!

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